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Did you know that your overall general health depends on whether you have a healthy smile? If you struggle with poor oral health, it puts your body in harm’s way. Neglecting your daily oral care routine and missing regular dental visits is detrimental to your wellbeing. Our dentist is eager to show you how your health is impacted by the quality of your oral care.

Poor dental health often results in oral and facial pain, including tooth decay and periodontal disease. The latter occurs when inflammation and infection develop in the gum tissue as a result of plaque and tartar buildup that lingers on your teeth and gumline. Over time, these destructive diseases can lead to loose and missing teeth.

Dental issues have also been linked to digestive issues since the starting point of the digestive process is the mouth. If missing teeth prevent you from chewing your food and sufficiently breaking it down, you could develop conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal failure, and other concerning digestive problems. Preventing decay and tooth loss enables proper function in your digestive tract.

Many studies have linked oral health to the major organs in the body and found that oral infections allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and weaken vital organs–in particular, the heart. As a result, you could experience serious complications if inflammation occurs in the organs.

Effective oral care every day can help you avoid these detrimental effects. Dr. Reid Marshall encourages you to brush twice a day and floss daily so that you can maintain a healthy smile. Your smile and body will also thrive with the help of routine dental checkups and dental cleanings.

If you would like further information on caring for your smile, please call Marshall Family Dentistry at 205-853-4600 and request an appointment with our dentist. We look forward to helping you cultivate a healthy smile and being in Trussville, Alabama.