Different Types of Snore Guards to Address Sleep Apnea

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It is estimated that nearly 40-million Americans suffer from some degree of sleep apnea each year. If they go unaddressed symptoms such as chronic snoring and breathing interruption can lead to problems with high blood pressure as well as increased risk of heart disease and the chance of stroke.

If you have been diagnosed with minor to moderate sleep apnea a prescription snore guard might be able to help minimize your symptoms. Here at Marshall Family Dentistry, our dentist can provide several different types and designs of snore guard. Which one is right for you will vary depending on your personal preference as well as the characteristics of your mouth.

A tongue stabilizing device don’t need to attach to your teeth. This makes it a preferred option for denture wearers. When worn in your mouth this style of snore guard can help hold your tongue and soft palate in the position that allows for improved airflow.

There are several different styles and designs of mandibular advancement devices. These removable dental appliances usually attach to the teeth in some way and some units also include some form of a hinge.

Thermoplastic snore guards are made from a special material that becomes malleable when heated in water. When it is ready you bite down on it firmly and it will then conform to the unique shape of your teeth before it hardens.

If you live in the Trussville, Alabama, region and you have been struggling with mild to moderate sleep apnea, you should call 205-853-4600 to explore the snore guard options offered at Marshall Family Dentistry.