Dental Sealants Can Seal Out Decay

If you are looking for extra protection from cavities for your teeth or your child’s teeth, ask our dentist about dental sealants in Birmingham, Alabama. This thin, plastic coating is placed on the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars to help prevent cavities. Why are dental sealants used? The... Read more »

Grinding Your Teeth at Night Can Cause Various Oral Health Problems

Sometimes chronic stress can cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth at night on a regular basis. This condition is also known as bruxism. Left untreated it can cause chips on the biting surfaces of your teeth. Once a tooth’s enamel layer has been compromised could start to trap residual... Read more »

Why Your Smile Needs Your Daily Attention

A beautiful smile doesn't happen overnight and it does require daily effort. Healthy teeth and gums are the mainstays of a healthy smile, which helps your teeth and speech to function as they should. This means that a smile free from tooth decay and gum disease impact your overall health... Read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Here at Marshall Family Dentistry, we endeavor to use our new blog as a regular means for publishing valuable content for our community through monthly blog posts. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re able to further explore some of the most important topics pertaining to our industry and... Read more »