How Does a Composite Dental Filling Impact Your Smile?

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Many patients are choosing to address unwanted smile flaws such as cavities and chipped teeth in order to achieve a beautiful smile. Receiving a composite dental filling can enhance the appearance and quality of your smile.

If you experience any signs of a cavity or have a chipped tooth, it’s important to seek an early diagnosis at Marshall Family Dentistry so that you can receive conservative dental treatment. Our dentist may recommend a composite resin filling, which is made of a high-quality plastic that is custom shaded to the color of your natural tooth enamel.

The process of placing a dental filling begins with numbing the tooth, and then we remove any areas of unhealthy tooth enamel so that what is left is a tooth surface that is clean and healthy and able to receive a tooth-colored dental filling. After shading and placing the dental filling, we use a special ultraviolet light to harden it and provide you with a long-lasting dental restoration that can serve you well with proper daily oral hygiene habits and routine dental cleanings at Marshall Family Dentistry.

To learn more about the benefits of a composite dental filling in Trussville, Alabama, and whether you should receive this treatment, please feel free to contact 205-853-4600 today and schedule a custom consultation.