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Are you familiar with the various tooth restoration treatments to consider? If you are looking for a removable form that is both temporary and durable, consider the use of dentures. Dentures are highly desirable tooth replacement options because that can be crafted for only a few teeth, known as partial dentures, and for entire rows of teeth, known as complete dentures.

Once you have your dentures in hand, always exercise caution when handling them. Never let them sit down anywhere, or they will dry out and crack. Furthermore, soak them in the safe cleaning solution and avoid using teeth whiteners or bleach on them. Because dentures are fragile, you will always need to exercise caution when handling them. If any damage should ever occur to your dentures, bring them into our dentist for repairs and never try to fix the damage yourself. With the proper care, your dentures can provide you with decades of support for your smile.

If you would like to have your dentures examined by our team at Marshall Family Dentistry, please book an appointment with us at our dental office. To set up a visit with Dr. Reid Marshall and our team in Trussville, Alabama, please contact us at 205-853-4600.