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A beautiful smile doesn’t happen overnight and it does require daily effort. Healthy teeth and gums are the mainstays of a healthy smile, which helps your teeth and speech to function as they should. This means that a smile free from tooth decay and gum disease impact your overall health and well-being.

To create healthy teeth and gums, you will want to remove the bacteria living in your mouth every day. This bacteria survives in that sticky film you can feel on your teeth (plaque). If plaque is allowed to build up, it will attack your tooth enamel and irritate your gums, leading to cavities and gingivitis (gum disease). Once gum disease progresses, it will advance into periodontal disease, which can cause teeth to loosen and fall out.

To give your smile the best chance for success, you will want to do the following every day:

• Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once, paying careful attention to floss around the gumline.
• Eat a balanced diet which includes lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruit.
• Limit snacking to tooth-friendly foods like dairy, nuts, and fresh vegetables and avoid sugary, starchy foods.
• Hydrate with water to promote healthy saliva flow to maintain a healthy oral environment.
• Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to protect tooth enamel from erosion if you have a history of cavities.
• Visit your dentist every six months for exams and cleanings to remove tartar (hardened plaque) and spot problems while they are small.

Your smile will thrive with your daily care and attention. To schedule a dental cleaning and exam, please call Marshall Family Dentistry at 205-853-4600 today. Our dentist, Dr. Reid Marshall in Trussville, Alabama, is here to help you with your oral care needs!